2014 Monster Energy Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Concussion Program

The Asterisk Mobile Medical Center neurocognitive testing and concussion management program has provided a safety protocol for our professional riders.  We believe that the hard work by coordinator, Eddie Casillas of iCHOR Sports Medicine and director, Dr. Paul Reiman will result in enhanced safety equipment and more precise evaluation and standards.

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Your login information for taking the iMPACT baseline test is:

User Name: info@ichorsportsmedicine.com
Password: powerband

Test Results are sent to MX Pro Racing / AMA Pro Racing automatically,
If you want a copy, you will have to have a printer installed.

READ the Instructions here BEFORE taking the test.
If you do not and have a question, READ the instructions BEFORE you call.


In January 2012, the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center (AMMC) began using using neurocognitive testing software developed by ImPACT® (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) as part of its new concussion management protocol. The AMMC has reviewed the current research on concussions and put in place a multi-faceted protocol that puts the athletes’ safety first while still taking into consideration the unique variables that are found within the sport of Supercross and Motocross.

Initial voluntary baseline testing for all riders during the Supercross season, was sponsored in part by a donation from Shoei Helmets.   The 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series will bring competitors an upgraded concussion management program. MX Sports Pro Racing has placed the requirement that every participant in the Outdoor Nationals must have a baseline test prior to their first competition.

The neurocognitive test chosen by the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center is the ImPACT ® developed by Mark Lovell, PhD and the concussion management team at the University of Pittsburgh. Extensive research and experience with this test has shown it to be the most predictable and validated neurocognitive test. The test is one part of the evaluation process. Although normal values for the test have been developed, the most accurate use is to have a baseline test of all athletes prior to competition.

The program will include physician testing at events, physician evaluation after a graded exercise program, and the mandatory use of computerized neurocognitive testing. Follow up physician evaluation including neurocognitive testing will be required before clearance to return to competition.

Feld Motorsports, AMA Pro Racing and  MX Sports Pro Racing has placed the requirement that every participant in Supercross and Motocross Championships must have a baseline test prior to their first competition. Baseline tests are a 30 minute proctored computer based exam. There are no pass/fail scores; it is used to compare with a post injury test. 

This is a direct link to testing; however you should R-E-A-D  the requirements first on our Baseline Testing page.  There is also a link to the test there.

Asterisk Mobile Medical Center, MX Sports Pro Racing, and Feld Motorsports are committed to providing modern standard of care treatment for all injuries, including concussion. Click on this link to view a pdf regarding Neurocognitive Testing and Concussion in Athletics.

Additional and specific information regarding this program should be directed to:
Eddie Casillas AT, CSCS
Paul R. Reiman, M.D