The Asterisk Medical Center safety trio is Dr. John Bodnar, Eddie Casillas & Tom Carson. Doc manages all Medical Services, Eddie is our go-to guy, and Tom puts the rig on the road for Asterisk and makes the entire Medical Center program happen. Each week of the series brings a rotation of top quality, experienced personnel to the track. Over the past decade, Asterisk’s Mobile Medical Center has attracted the best candidates in Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Nursing. All AMMC floor and support personnel bring skills, credentials, experience and commitment.  Meet our Team


John A. Bodnar, M.D.

Dr. John Bodnar Doc has been involved in the motocross racing community for 35 years, from flagging to following the Supercross and Motocross Series as its track side physician. Today, he is “Chief of Staff” at the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center and Medical Director for the AMA Supercross and Motocross National Series. Doc has been a life-long off-road motorcycle enthusiast, racing in the Southern California desert and enduro scene for many years. When not performing motorcycle related duties, he is an emergency medicine physician in the San Diego area.

Dr. Chris Alexander

CA2 Dr. Alexander is a Southern California native and dedicated offroad rider.  Based in the Temecula Valley, Dr. Alexander has worked in orthopaedic sports medicine for 20 years including activities associated with the San Diego Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Fellowship program and more recently, as an important addition to the Caselli Foundation.  When he is not at work or track side with us; he is spending time with wife Annette and their four teenagers.

Dr. James Kennedye

alexandertmb Dr. Kennedye got his first minibike in 1978 and immediately became a lifelong racer, rider, and fan. Today, Dr. Jim is an Officer in the U.S. Naval Reserves, Emergency Physician in Oklahoma and clinical faculty member at Oklahoma’s Oklahoma College of Medicine. In his spare time, you will find him with his wife and daughter enjoying the outdoors. 2012 is Dr. Kennedye’s eighth season with our Asterisk Mobile Medical Center.

Dr. Paul Reiman

Dr. Reiman Dr. Reiman joined the Asterisk team in 2009, having been the personal physician for many of our professional riders since 1999. Based in Temecula, CA and Board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Dr. Reiman has helped many of our Supercross, Motocross, and Freestyle championship riders back to the podium from injury.  Although all his racing was primarily on two legs not two wheels, he is a long time street and dual sport rider. He is also an avid mountain biker.

Dr. John Torregrosa

drt Doctor T is an off-road enthusiast and past pro racer.  For the last five years he has been a member of the Asterisk Mobile Medical team allowing him to combine his racing experience and medical knowledge. During the week, Dr. T is a lower leg surgeon, with a private practice and Chief of Surgery hospital duties in the Florida Keys. Is he still racing? Absolutely! Doctor T. participates in Kart Racing, Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing and Triathlons.


Eddie Casillas

Eddie Casillas Certified Athletic Trainer, Eddie Casillas has been one of the core members of the Asterisk Mobile Medical team and is another example of bringing his personal skills into the care of our elite athletes.  He has a degree in Sports Injury Management with an emphasis in Athletic Training and extensive experience in athletic health care and development.  Another Xtreme competitor, Eddie has competed in professional BMX and as an amateur in skateboarding, downhill, cross-country and dual slalom mountain bike racing. He is also an amazing family guy, spending every free moment with wife, Michelle, and their son Marky and daughter, Tavyne.


Arden Ballard
ardenthm1 Arden Ballard, ATC, joined us first in 2006 as an Athletic Trainer. He is now completing his Masters in Pennyslvania to become a Physician Assistant. He has a wide variety of work experience including the NFL, Extreme sports camp (Camp Woodward) and Red Bull’s “The Great Ride Open”. When Arden is not working or in school, he races amateur motocross and rides BMX and road cycling.
Amanda Conroy
Amanda Conroy 2014 will be Amanda‘s eighth year as a RN for our Medical team.  During the week, Nurse Conroy is an Emergency Room nurse at a Pittsburgh city hospital.  In fact, according to Amanda “It wasn’t until I began working with Asterisk, that I realized I wanted to become an ER nurse.”  When she is off the clock, Amanda spends her time with family, friends and her two horses.
Shauna Dauk
Shauna has been one the AMMC RN’s since 2010.  Her regular job is a travel/floating trauma nurse at several Southern California hospital emergency rooms.  Shauna  was born in Canada and has more than a passing interest in motocross.  She began riding in 2007 and almost immediately began to race.  Today the weekends may find her on the start line when she isn’t helping our Pros.
Heather Hutchins
Heather is a long time fan and six year team member. As an ICU nurse for the Trauma Center in Reno, NV and also a surgical nurse for Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee, CA, Heather has the experience and skills that Doc looks for. In her spare time Heather is a wife, Mom to daughter Ellyse and new son Levi, and tries to get outdoor time with the family Labs.
Mike Libunao
Mike has been on the team since 2004 and his background was another perfect fit for Asterisk’s style of moto medicine.   Mike is an RN in the Emergency Room and Telemedicine department.  Before that,  he was a Orthopedic Tech in the military and civilian world.   Mike and his wife Cynthia live in So. California with kids Myranda & Isaiah where when not at work, enjoys being a Sports Dad.
DC Jones, Lead Driver
DC joined our Medic Rig for the 2013 Lucas Oil Outdoor Motocross series when it began last May.  For 2014, he will   cross the country with the AMMC supporting Monster Energy Supercross. And, if he looks familiar, it is because DC has been a part of the Racing community for years as a participant, mechanic and driver.  DC makes his home in the Phoenix area and enjoys the desert lifestyle with family and friends.
Ken Stultz, Alt. Driver
Ken joined the Asterisk team for the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motorcross series.  He is not new to the road or the series having been the coordinator for Team Solitaire over the past several years.  Stepping into the AMMC program, Ken brings years of vehicle experience on almost anything with a motor; bikes to earth & mining equipment.  Ken and his family call Peoria, AZ home.

Administration & Program Management

Tom Carson

Tom Carson During the week, Tom is Asterisk’s Director of Motor Sports and Professional Rider rep for the United States and Europe. On an AMA Professional event weekend, Tom is the onsite rep, maintains Asterisk’s product display and serves as point man for the Asterisk Medical Center. An original player since the inception of the program, Tom is the hands-on guy and coordinator. His bottom line each weekend is to make sure that the rig is up and running and that everything is working. Tom Carson is another lifetime racer, has lived and successfully competed in Europe and the United States and a 2006 National Champion. Tom knows racing and safety and has a passion to keep them aligned.
Joanne Pryor
photosoon Joanne joined the AMMC in 2005, coordinating the Superpass program and promotional auctions to benefit the rig.  In 2009 she began helping Tom & Doc with the day to day Medical Center office administration as well.  As a motorcycle rider and racing fan for 40 years, working with the Medical Center is the perfect place for her.
Colleen Asch
Colleen Asch works for Asterisk weekdays and attends each event supporting their vendor display.  Colleen has been a part of the racing community for years and is the AMMC’s weekly California connection.  Visit Colleen, shake hands, get brace advice and information, she definitely knows her stuff.  She always has a smile and is ready to share and promote our Medical Center.