History of AMMC

Well known for their popular knee braces, Asterisk first started supporting a The AMMC Kawasaki Muleconsistent medical presence in supercross by bringing on-site medical personnel to each Supercross race in 2000.  The industry recognized the need for a system that would be  proactive in eliminating unnecessary injuries and could recommend/access safety improvements,  Asterisk, said “We can get this going”.   Next, Kawasaki provided a Mule, which when adapted by Asterisk became the breakthrough in managing patient transportation in the track side environment.  The next dilemma, how to transport it.Our first Medical Center

In 2003, the first Asterisk Mobile Medical Center was added to the pro pits. Asterisk, customized a truck and trailer to support expanded staff and services.  AMA Professional Supercross and Motocross became the first motorsport with a dedicated emergency center at each event.

Just three year later, we had outgrown our center. In August 2006, the next generation of Medical care arrived as a full Semi-tractor trailer rig. With this incredible new mobile treatment and diagnosis facility, rider injuries no longer mean the end of their day.

Today’s Mobile Our MXoN Pit AreaMedical Center is a state-of-the-art health facility with special purpose equipment tailored to the sport. It provides urgent health care for our riders, their crews and event staff at no charge.  All services are provided fee free.  For at least thirty weeks each year, the center provides an athletic trainer, physical therapist, registered nurses and often two physicians at each scheduled event.

We’re very fortunate TheCoreAMMCto have an excellent team with AMA Medical Director and Asterisk Rig Chief of Staff, Dr. John “Doc” Bodnar leading the medical efforts. The AMMC staff are riders, and enthusiasts who have been with us since the beginning and we are extremely proud of the group.

The Asterisk Mobile Medical Center is committed to support the safety of professional racing, reducing injuries and encouraging advancements in prevention and protection.



We are always looking for help in finding extra dollars.  We always have our eye on a new diagnostic tool that will advance our knowledge and lead to an innovation in safety and injury prevention.  Help us if you can with your fund raising ideas, participate in our auctions, or give to your favorite SX/MX charity organization designating those funds to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center.If you have questions or suggestions please contact Tom Carson at the races or Joanne Pryor at this website.